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Welcome to our new series "How To Read Your Bible For Life". Whether you are exploring the Bible for the first time or consider yourself an experienced Bible reader, this series has something for you.


Over the next five weeks, we will watch a series of videos created by "The Bible Project" that are interesting, inspiring, thought-provoking and fun. To get the most out of this experience, we encourage you to share the journey with your family, a small group or with a few friends. We would love to connect you if you are looking for a group to join.


We are excited to learn together and experience the Bible in new ways. We believe that every time we engage in reading and understanding God's Word, we are transformed and changed. Thank you for sharing this journey with us!


Dear Father,

we come in Jesus' name to ask you to soften our hearts and remove any distractions so we can receive what you have for each of us during this "How to Read Your Bible For Life" series.


Help us to fully engage with all of our heart, mind, and soul over the next five weeks and draw us closer to you as we experience the Bible in new ways. Help us to encourage one another and challenge one another to grow closer to you.



Order of the class

Everything you need to participate in "How to Read Your Bible for Life" can be accessed on this webpage by following the prompts in the order below.


The page takes you step by step through the program with recommendations along the way to personalize the experience to meet the needs of your family or group. Discussion questions and additional resources for deeper study are included as a companion to the video(s).

Begin the class here

Video 1

What is the Bible? - The Bible is in itself a small library of books, all of which emerged from the history of the people of ancient Israel. It is the most influential book in the history of Western and much of Eastern civilization.


In this first video, we begin at the beginning with an important question..."What is the Bible?" Have you ever wondered how the 66 books that make up the Bible were chosen? 


Video 2

Reading the Bible as a Unified Story – Although the Bible includes diverse types of literature and may appear fragmented at first, this video reminds us that the Bible is ultimately a unified epic narrative that leads to Jesus. There is one main plotline weaving the different books and stories together.


Have you ever thought of the Bible as a unified story that God is telling?


Video 3

Literary Styles in the Bible - The Bible contains many different books telling many smaller stories that all tie together into one larger story. In this video, we explore the different “literary genres” that are used in the writing of these smaller stories. Some are narratives, others or poems, and songs, and still, others are letters or firsthand accounts.


They’re all literature, but they communicate in different ways. Have you ever wondered why God included these different styles of writing in the Bible?

Video 4

The Bible as Jewish Meditation Literature - Jewish literature often lacks the details many of us expect to find when we read the Bible. While the Bible is not always attempting to answer the types of questions we are asking, every detail matters.


To get the most from reading the Bible, we should take time to ponder the verses we read and allow them to speak to our hearts.


Have you ever read a Bible verse and felt like God was speaking directly to you? We should also engage in conversation with others about the truths we are discovering and encourage one another to respond in faith to God's word. 

Additional Resources


We want to hear from you, it is important for us to understand if this is helpful in your journey. Please participate in this poll, it will encourage us if you are enjoying the experience. It will also help us understand if and where we might need to make some changes to make this class more valuable to you and your family or small group.

see you next week!