Get Connected


Christianity was never intended to be a spectator sport. We want to help people get involved as participants.


One of our Lord’s first acts in ministry was to form a small group (Mt. 4:18ff). These first followers lived together in Christian community. The early church also demonstrated a willingness to connect at the heart (Acts 2:41,42). As we devote ourselves to fellowship like these early Christians did, we too will know what it means to really belong.


The Bible teaches that followers of Christ are united like members of a body. This connection is not to be merely theoretical or theological, it must be lived out in real relationships. It is naive to think that our Christianity can mean much if we attempt to experience it privately, disconnected from one another.


Our various groups and classes provide a great context for connection. They are all avenues for fellowship and nurture. Our experience has been that people form authentic, meaningful, lasting relationships in our Growth Groups, classes, and various ministry contexts. Connection is crucial – you’ll experience power when you plug in!