Parents, we need your help to fill our game closet!

(donation instructions below)

In our meeting space, the Gym, we have a closet that is empty and ready to store some community-building games for our students. Often we have students hanging out in the gym before either Connect (HS) and Navigate (MS) starts. If we had the games it would mean students would have the opportunity to use this time to bond together - instead of being on their phones waiting for the evening to start. 

Our closet space is important because our Gym is a multi-purpose area. The closet provides a great space to store the "sports tables" away when someone else is using the space. It would be fantastic if we received enough donations to completely fill the closet so that we have plenty of "sports tables" for our students to play with/on. 

Check out this video that Pastor Jon created to explain our current Gym space, what we have done to improve it, and the goals we have around it:

What we are looking for:

  • Billiards Tables

  • Ping Pong Tables

  • Air Hockey Tables

  • Foosball Tables

  • Arcade Cabinets

  • Shootout Basketball Games

Image by Andrew McElroy
Image by Feelfarbig Magazine
Image by NeONBRAND

Our Goal:

To fill our storage closet with as many games as it can hold! 

How to donate:


If you don't have a table to donate, that's fine! We are accepting financial donations as
well so that we can purchase the tables on our own. You can use our online giving platform
to make a financial donation (be sure to select the Student Ministries designated fund).
Currently, all proceeds designated to that fund will go towards purchasing the sports

donating a game

In order to be sure donated tables will be meet all the use it will receive, we ask for only
new or gently-used tables. So, if you have or find a sports table you would like to donate,
please contact Pastor Jon by calling the church office to arrange an opportunity for him to
check it out and be sure it is what we will be able to use and accept for Student

thank you!