Big Kahuna

Who: Students graduating from 8th through 12th grade 

When: June 21 - 25, 2018

Where: Lake Shasta


Cost: $395

Are you ready for the best days of your summer?! At Big Kahuna you'll go boating with our awesome boat drivers, sleep under the glory of God's stars, grow in your walk with Christ and build lasting relationships with your friends and the leaders of Dayspring. Bring your friends and prepare for an experience unlike any other. You don't want to miss this.

What to Bring


• Swimsuit (Girls must wear shorts at all times.      

   One piece swimsuits or tankinis only.    

   Guys’ swim shorts must stay on their hips.    

   No short shorts or speedos.)

• Sleeping Bag/Pillow

• Two Towels

• Toiletries

• Medication*

• Biodegradable Shampoo/Soap    

   (Garnier, Method, Honest and Attitude    

   all have biodegradable wash products.)

• Clothes for hot weather/cold weather

• Sunscreen/Sunglasses

• Bible/Notebook/Pen

• Plastic Re-Useable water bottle

• $20 for 2 fast food stops and    

   an In-and-Out run.


Remember! If you don’t need it, don‘t bring it!

The boats are small, space is limited and there

are a lot of you, so pack light. You’ll only need

a small duffel bag to fit all of your things in, and maybe a backpack on the trip.

*All medication, including over the counter medication, must be given to us in their
precription bottle or original packaging.
Each student attending must have their
own medication, they cannot share with
other students. Children CANNOT share
out of a plastic bag or large bottle. We will
not accept medication in a 7-day container,
plastic bag or anything but prescription
bottle or original packaging. 





Limited scholarships are available. Scholarships will be given in quarter, half and whole portions based on need. To apply for a scholarship, please completely fill out the Scholarship Application Form and turn it into Student Ministries at any student service or at the Dayspring Office by April 1, 2018.


Students earning scholarships must participate in fundraising activities including work on the church grounds, rent a student activities from church members, and other events.


Tier One Scholarship - $95

10 hours volunteer requirement


Tier Two Scholarship - $195

15 hours volunteer requirement


Tier Three Scholarship - $395

25 hours volunteer requirement


Once your Scholarship Application has been approved and your tier selected, we will contact you on your available volunteer opportunities to complete your required hours.

Big K Rally


Mandatory parent/guardian attendance with student is required June 16 @ 10:00 am at Dayspring Fellowship. Please contact Emily Foster if unable to attend: 503.390.3900