Current Dayspring Fellowship
Mask Guidance


This week new guidance regarding COVID-19 was issued by our state authorities. We understand that information coming from different sources (national, state, and county authorities) differs, which creates a great deal of confusion. 

The reality is we live in ever-changing times. As followers of Jesus, we want to live out the love of Christ as we interact with others, even in the midst of uncertainty and change.  We so appreciate the grace that you as a church family extend to one another in this challenging season. We acknowledge the seriousness of the COVID virus and do not want to minimize the potential risks in any way. But we also know that this can be an incredibly divisive subject, even among fellow believers. There is no one perspective or position that everyone will completely agree on. As you go about your daily life, be discerning, use wisdom, and above all, whatever choice you make, do so in love. As believers, our highest call is to love and honor one another.

At Dayspring, we will post signs recommending that people wear masks. We ask you to use the wisdom that God has given you regarding the use of a mask. As pastors, we will wear masks on Sundays as we interact with you; we want to respect and support those who choose to mask.  However, as staff and volunteers, we are not going to take it upon ourselves to be involved in enforcing either the wearing of masks or the verifying of vaccination status. Please be respectful of every person’s individual choice.  As always, our livestream service is available to those of you who feel the need or prefer to stay at home in this current season.

Student and Children’s Ministries will require everyone to mask up.  Many of our students and all of our children don’t have the ability to be vaccinated and we want to provide as safe an environment for them as possible.  We appreciate your support in masking up your children. 

We look forward to worshiping with you this weekend in person or on livestream.

Thank you,

Dayspring Pastors