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We just wrapped up Easter, but that doesn't mean we don't continue to reflect on Jesus' sacrifice and what that means for our lives. We have a bunch of Easter games for your family to participate in and we will see what Carll is up to during his time in quarantine. 

We are in week 2 of our Easter series called "Undefeated". I encourage you to make Jesus the center of your family life even if you are new to homeschooling and if everything got more complicated. If there is any way we in Student Ministries can help with, please reach out. All the contact information is at the bottom of this page. 


Series Overview Video

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Game Time 1

To those who have been with us from the beginning of Navigate GPS, then you have some practice with our first game. This game is called Easter Egg Hunt and you are going to be hunting for easter eggs in the images provided. Set a timer for your family and try and find as many eggs as you can in that time limit. I recommend 10-15 seconds. 

If your family guesses all of them, congrats! If you are very competitive, have each family member compete against each other and see who found the most eggs.


We all seem to be going crazy during this quarantine season. The homework, the crazy siblings, and the fact that we seem to be stuck inside for the rest of eternity doesn't help.

Today, Carll brings up some tips on how to stay sane during this time. He really looks like he's doing great. Totally sane. He's not crying, you're crying!

Cool Carll Video

Teaching Video

What are you undefeated at? Are you the best Minecraft player of all time or the best farmer in Farming Simulator? Perhaps you are the best at 52 card pickup or the fastest cereal eater you know? We know we are the best at those things because we also know what it's like to lose really bad, even when it comes to things in our lives. We all sin. So what are we to do about it? Watch the video below to find out!

Undefeated Week 2 of 3

Discussion Questions

Lesson Discussion Questions

Sin is defeated! I'll say it again in all caps: SIN IS DEFEATED! Thank God (literally) that Jesus died on a cross for us so we can win. We are no longer bound by sin and death but are free! 

Use the discussion guide to talk through what this looks like in your life!

If you (the parent) aren't a part of our Facebook Group, you should! We will be posting resources weekly that can help you during this time of COVID-19 as well as further resources for your discussion of sex. Click the button to go to the group now.





This is week 2 of our devotional series. Take time in the morning right after you wake up or right before you go to bed to go through the educational for the day.

This is an easy way to dedicate your day to the Lord. I highly recommend using this resource every day as instructed.

Game Time 2

If you were able to join us for #EasterJam2020 then you already interacted with peeps this year by sticking them with toothpicks and microwaving them. If not, you missed out and you may have gone all Easter season long without seeing a single peep. 

In this game, you are going to determine if the company who makes peeps (who the heck actually makes these things!?) actually makes the flavor displayed. I thought that peeps only came in one flavor: sugar flavor. Turns out there are far more than I thought! 

Have each family member make a guess on the first slide then go to the next slide to see if they were correct. Keep score. The family member with the most correct answers wins! 


see you next week!

Sadly, it is the end of another Navigate GPS. We really hope that you are enjoying these! If you are, please consider reaching out to other middle school students' parents and go through this together over FaceTime or whichever video conferencing tool you use!


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