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Family Ministries is all about helping you, the parent, be the spiritual leader for your student(s) or kid(s). Our Dayspring Pastors would like to help you along the way. This page is devoted to providing communication and resources that will assist you in becoming that leader. 

upcoming High school series

We don’t need to look far to see that our teenagers are hurting. While today’s parents, stepparents, and ministry leaders are more aware of teen anxiety, depression, and suicide, we often aren’t sure how to respond. We need practical, accessible, and trusted resources that spark vital conversations with our teenagers. That’s why our youth ministry is beginning a new four-week series called Faith in an Anxious World. In the coming weeks, we want to propel your young person and other students toward a deeper understanding of Christ—one in which He becomes to them not simply a teacher and miracle worker, but a living, breathing example of the wholeness we can experience in our daily walk with God. Each week they’ll talk about anxiety, delve into stories throughout the Bible where God enters into an anxious situation and uses it to nurture growth, and discover spiritual practices they can use to look to God as they navigate daily life. And each of our gatherings will prompt students to have meaningful conversations beyond their youth meeting times.

Anxiety and depression are on the rise, dominating the ways young people talk about their generation. While leaders and parents are becoming more aware of these problems, we often aren’t sure how to respond.

Why do we need to talk about anxiety in youth group?
We know that parents and church leaders may know when young people are hurting, but aren’t talking to one another about it. We designed this curriculum to help open channels of communication between young people and their peers, their parents, and the church.

Are you a parent and want more resources? Check out the podcast from Fuller Youth Institute about mental health and our students by clicking the button below.

Series overview video

Parent Introduction


upcoming MIDDLE school series

​Beginning on March 11th, Student Ministries will start a four-week relationship and sex message series called "None of your Business" during our Wednesday night Middle School gathering, Navigate. These are very important conversations to have with our middle school students. It is likely that they are hearing conflicting information about sex and dating at school or from their peers; information that contradicts what a Jesus-centered life looks like. ​

This topic is naturally sensitive and requires wisdom from parents. Below are resources that will help you make an educated decision on whether this is something you are comfortable letting your student(s) participate in. Included here is a video that will give you an overview of the series, a series overview PDF, each teaching video we will be showing, the small group questions for group discussion that will be led by our small group leaders, and a Parent Cue document to help you have a conversation with your student at home. 

​If you have any questions at all about this series, "None of your Business", please email Pastor Jon ( or call the office at 503.390.3900.

Series overview video

Series overview document

Parent cue document