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Family Ministries is all about helping you, the parent, be the spiritual leader for your student(s) or kid(s). Our Dayspring Pastors would like to help you along the way. This page is devoted to providing communication and resources that will assist you in becoming that leader. 

upcoming High school series

Date: Feb 14th

What are the top things on how to date like an idiot?

#10 – Start dating too young.

#9 – Believe someone is your “one and only.”

#8 – Have no physical boundaries.

#7 – Believe that you can “change” them if you keep dating them.

#6 – Date casually.

#5 – Don’t worry about what a person believes in.

#4 – Spend time exclusively alone.

#3 – Ignore your friends’ and family’s advice.

#2 – Use the word “love” too soon.

#1 – Don’t know who love is.

This message to our high school students will  use "reverse psychology" where we'll talk about the ideas of sex and love as if they were good tips instead. As we countdown, we will land on where we find that the source of love has really been God all along. Below, you will find the manuscript this message is based off of. Please take the time to read through and check that this series is something appropriate for you student to learn about. 


Message manuscript

upcoming MIDDLE school series

​Beginning on February 18th and ending on March 11th, Student Ministries will start a four-week relationship and sex message series called "awkward" during our Thursday night Middle School online gathering, Navigate GPS. These are very important conversations to have with our middle school students. It is likely that they are hearing conflicting information about sex and dating at school or from their peers; information that contradicts what a Jesus-centered life looks like. ​

This topic is naturally sensitive and requires wisdom from parents. Below are resources that will help you make an educated decision on whether this is something you are comfortable letting your student(s) participate in. Included here is a video that will give you an overview of the series, a series overview PDF, each teaching video we will be showing, the small group questions for group discussion that will be led by our small group leaders, and a Parent Cue document to help you have a conversation with your student at home. 

​If you have any questions at all about this series, "Awkward", please email Pastor Jon ( or call the office at 503.390.3900.


Series overview video

Series overview document

Parent cue document

Series small group questions

Series TEACHING videos