student promotion 2021

Hey parents!


School is wrapping up, our country is returning to some sense of normalcy and we’ve been having a blast in student ministry since returning to in-person gatherings.


During this time of year is when we start talking about promotion which is when we move our students up a grade in our ministries and welcome them to their new groups. 


Here at Dayspring, we take what I am calling a squishy center approach meaning that students moving from children’s ministry to our middle school ministry called Navigate or from Navigate to our high school group Connect has a chance to try it out. See how it feels. So how this plays out is that students promoting will be invited to the new group, but they don’t have to commit to going yet or attend both at the same time! For example, if a middle school student is wary about what high school will be like, they can come to visit Connect on Sunday nights and see how it feels and also be attending Navigate on Wednesday nights at the same time. They can come on and off through the summer until the first week of September which is our official promotion date when students will need to join their new group. 


So let’s look at the dates of when all of this is happening:

Incoming 6th-grade students will be invited to join us at Navigate on June 23rd and onward. This will be another nerf event since our middle school students love love love nerf. Don’t worry, we have a huge armory of nerf guns for students to use if your student doesn’t own a nerf gun.


Incoming 9th-grade students will be invited to join us at Connect on July 18th and onward. This date is a little later since me and several of our awesome small group leaders will be taking vacations and will be gone and we want our students to see the best of our ministry and our leaders for their first time visiting. 


Our official promotion dates fall on the first week of September on when students will need to join their new group and stop attending their old group. For your student to have the best opportunity of success to keep growing in their love of Jesus in student ministries, encourage them to visit the new group. I know it can seem overwhelming or scary, but we have a fantastic team of adult small group leaders to help make the process easy. I mean, I love our students and they too are welcoming and friendly. 


So that is promotion! Spread the word to your student and other parents that you see so that this is clear and easy. Of course, if you have any questions feel free to reach out and contact me either by email or phone which you can find below. Again, thank you for trusting us to partner with you to disciple your student towards a greater love of Jesus and others. See you soon!