A Welcome Wish

I hope that our website helps you feel as welcome as I felt when I first visited Dayspring Fellowship. I was just investigating the church when I initially walked into the lobby. Like many new attenders, I was invited to check the place out - and I did. I noticed mini-miracles everywhere I turned.

My impressions provide a picture of what this place is all about. I was warmly greeted by people who didn't know who I was, but who were sincerely interested in extending the love of God to anyone who walked in the door. The music was great; this place rocks, but the worship services can also move meditative participants to gentle tears.

I saw young and old, shorts and ties (not too many ties), seasoned Christians carrying Bibles, and people just learning for the first time what Jesus can do in the life of someone who follows him. In my first visit, I came to realize that there is a place for me at Dayspring.

Since that first impression, the overall picture continues to be painted, one amazing brush stroke at a time. I've seen happy people packing food into hundreds of boxes for people in our area who could use a little extra love. Happy children have run circles around me, playing games with new friends. A huge crowd roared with encouraging applause in response to a woman with some special needs who gave her best singing at a community talent show. Busses transport some special people from a local shelter, coffee pours, communion is served and people give their lives to Christ. I've heard tender prayers, agonizing admissions, and sincere statements of commitment.

I've experienced the joy, felt the potential, and settled into a profound commitment to God and his people here at Dayspring. As you take a look at what he is doing in and through us, I'm confident that you can plug in and be part of a miracle in progress.

I look forward to personally welcoming you to our fellowship. There is a place for you at Dayspring.